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Travel & Hospitality

We offer unique solutions to the Travel & Hospitality industry.

IT Solutions for Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry is one of the forerunners of digital transformations from reservations, booking, and payments to tracking. This sector is continuously challenged in dealing with the rising competition and focusing on great conversion.

Technology’s impact on travel and hospitality has grown significantly in recent decades, resulting in the emergence of online e-bookings. Customers who want to schedule a trip no longer have to go to an agency; rather, they may book their complete trip online. By allowing clients to book tickets and hotels directly from its websites, the industry may completely eliminate the need for agents. And with the advancement of artificial intelligence, the hospitality industry had made tremendous growth, by implementing voice-based assistants to help customers.

We Enkefalos are more definite in our expectations and can be convinced that they will be delivered if high-tech processes are in place to decrease the risk of human mistakes.

Our Recent Works

Virtual Butler

It is an AI based voice application that acts as a personal assistant of every guests in the hospitality industry (Hotels). Powerful dashboard to manage and track orders/service requests & Developed for Google and Alexa platforms. Scalable to manage House keeping services and enable customers with non touch voice requests & hence align with COVID-19 safety protocols.





Trailsi is a multilingual transcribing & translating mobile app to explore the stories through archival research and listening to first-hand experience of the people.

The growing volume of international tourists additionally proves the need for linguistic diversity. Trailsi believe that knowledge should be accessible to all and in order to democratize knowledge, it is their responsibility to make content based on languages of the user’s choice. Therefore, at Trailsi, we translate our content into Swedish, Arabic, English, and German.