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Leadership Team

Sunil M Shivappa

COO & Product Head


Sunil M Shivappa journey to becoming a Product Manager has been shaped by his innate ability to think creatively and solve problems.

Throughout my career, I have always been passionate about developing products that could address critical issues and provide innovative solutions.

My early exposure to the startup ecosystem provided me with diverse opportunities to work with various technologies, which allowed me to gain a wide range of experience in product design and development. This hands-on experience in different areas of technology helped me to develop a deep understanding of how businesses operate and the challenges they face.

As an entrepreneur and Head of “Operations & Product” at Enkefalos Technologies, I have been responsible for creating corporate strategies and implementing change management that helps to grow brands online. I work closely with stakeholders to understand their pain points and develop tailored solutions to meet their needs.

In my professional journey of 8 years, I have gained expertise in various fields like RPA, Sales, and Digital Marketing. However, my focus now is on leveraging niche technologies to create innovative products and sustainable solutions. I believe that my unique skill set and experience make me a valuable asset to any organization that values creativity, problem-solving, and innovation.