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Out of the Box LLM Solutions

Insurance Domain Trained Employee assistant


Our Employee Chatbot is designed to answer queries, assist with internal processes, and provide quick access to company information, using natural language processing to understand and respond to a wide range of employee inquiries.


In one implementation, the chatbot significantly reduced the time employees spent searching for policy details, providing instant responses to queries that previously required browsing through multiple documents.


This leads to increased productivity and a more efficient workflow, as employees spend less time on information retrieval and more on core activities.

Document analysis, Key data extraction and Document conversation


This solution automates the analysis and extraction of key data from documents. It converts unstructured data into structured information that can be easily used for decision-making.


For document conversion, the LLM was used to process and digitize historical policy documents, extracting relevant data points like policy terms, customer details, and coverage limits.


This automation speeds up data processing, reduces errors associated with manual data entry, and makes valuable information more accessible and actionable for the company.

Why your own Private Language Models?

  • Securing sensitive data of your customer
  • Better understanding and quality output
  • Processes customized to your existing workflows
  • Enhanced Data Control and Ownership
  • Scalability and Flexibility in Data Processing
  • Competitive Advantage in a Data-driven Market


We highly recommend Enkefalos to any insurance company looking to streamline their processes, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. Their expertise and commitment to our success have been invaluable


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