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We offer unique solutions to the health industry.

Healthcare IT Solutions

We offer unique solutions to the health industry, with the combination of advanced technology to bring enhancement in assisting patient’s care. IT solutions for the healthcare industry have simplified the entire working methodology right from patient care to infrastructure to analytics due to which newer heights are achieved every day.

Medical and hospital care are primarily connected to the patient’s care cycle. This cycle begins when a patient registers at a health facility and continues throughout the consultation, check-up, and medical procedure processes. IT solutions assist doctors and patients to have a deeper relationship, improve care, and boost the patient’s commitment to their health by facilitating access to medical records.

Today, we can discover a diversity of Artificial Intelligence applications in the healthcare sector that can successfully diagnose severe diseases and analyze large datasets to keep medical records up to date.

We Enkefalos, are providing a customized solution through software development and machine learning implementation to enhance the healthcare sector.

Our Recent Works

Patient Support Application

Healthcare landscape is changing and patients are at the center of it. Patients now have access to many services at their convenience but still often need support in choosing the most affordable quality service.

That’s where Patient Support Programs Application.


A Clinical calculator and Decision support app for HCP’s of a large pharmaceutical company. Subscription based patented algorithm rules integrated for HCP’s ease of use during diagnosis and help better manage patient disease condition.

Powering clinicians with ability to use clinical values and decision support tools.