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We offer unique solutions to the Ed-Tech industry.

IT Solutions for Ed-Tech

Over the last decade, the educational technology sector has been gradually developing. This platform’s expansion has been driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of technology, it becomes a more personalized and omnichannel experience for the pupils. Even the advancement in hardware technology like tablets and mobiles adds greater value to enhance the Ed-Tech industry.

Enkefalos supports educational activities from a broader perspective, offering courses, seminars, and other events. Learning Management Systems (LMS) is a software platform that collects and organizes all learning-related data and materials, as well as administers and tracks learning processes.

Our Recent Works


Exploring the frontiers of attention of a child (ADHD) using deep learning, enabling contextual, provisional, incidental and meaningful data. A product to enhance the learning abilities of ADHD children and help parents to track the attention span of their children’s learning. Emotion analysis during various subjects learning sessions and capture attention score to help parents provide additional attention to enable children acquire knowledge in a fun way. Powering the idea everyone has their own pace and interest to learn!

Learners today have a very short attention span and it’s a challenge to make them concentrate for a long time without a nudge.

  • Facial recognition & eye tracking
  • Head position & gaze tracking
  • Augmented expression reading