We help business navigate their digital transformation journey with a spectrum of our innovative solutions.


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Company Overview

With 7 years of experience in managing digital change of global enterprises, we empower business leaders with sustainable, robust and agile technology solutions that help them grow. At Enkefalos, we strive to make the digital journeys of our clients seamless through our innovative solutions and aim to create a positive impact in the communities where we live and work.

We focus on niche areas of technologies like AI-ML, RPA and Hyper automation to solve industry problems and accelerate their growth.

Our Mission

Innovate by leveraging human intellect, building sustainable solutions and ensuring growth.

Our Vision

To make technology more accessible and become one of the global tech leaders.

Our Philosophy

Always be a learner to be a leader.

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What drives us ?

What drives us is the true potential of human intellect to create things, solve problems and expand capabilities beyond anyone’s imagination.

Our Story

We started small with big dreams. It was just a two-member team in 2015 and we’re bootstrapped. In the beginning, we worked on some smaller projects on web technologies that helped us sustain. Fast-forward to 2021 we became a successful revenue-generating enterprise building tech solutions across industries worldwide.

Our Leadership Team

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Lokesh Ballenahalli

Founder & CEO

Manikantaswamy P

Co-Founder & CTO

Sunil M Shivappa

COO & Product Head

Karthik R


Bhavyashree YH


Niranjan Swamy N


Thejas Jagannath

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