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Agents facing slow, manual quote generation and policy management processes, leading to inefficiencies, errors, and frustrated clients

Leading Insurance Brokerage Company


The company implemented “InstaQuote,” an AI-powered assistant built on a large language model (LLM) trained on vast insurance data. InstaQuote empowers agents by:

  • Effortless Policy Intake: Upload a policy document, and InstaQuote extracts key details instantly, eliminating data entry.
  • Intelligent Guidance:InstaQuote prompts for missing information in a logical flow, adapting to agent inquiries and context.
  • Knowledge at their Fingertips: Agents can ask InstaQuote any insurance-related question, leveraging its deep knowledge base and LLM-driven insights.
  • Seamless Contextual Recall:InstaQuote remembers previous interactions, resuming tasks seamlessly after agent inquiries.
  • Dynamic Quote Range: Based on the data collected and data analysis, InstaQuote presents a dynamic quote range tailored to specific client profiles and risks.


  • 50% reduction in quote turnaround time: Agents close deals faster, exceeding client expectations.
  • 95% accuracy in policy data extraction: Eliminates manual errors and streamlines underwriting.
  • 30% increase in agent productivity: Frees up time for complex sales and personalized service.


Investing in AI like InstaQuote is a win-win. Our agents are thriving with increased efficiency and happier clients


Leading Insurance Brokerage Company